International Dealer Conference

The Challenge

Our client, a multi brand power boat manufacturer, had recently been through some restructuring, management, and product changes. With their annual dealer conference approaching, they needed to present a cohesive, competent presence across these four global brands. As many dealers carry just one or two of the four labels, communicating the strength and complementary nature of this family of brands to current and prospective dealers was paramount.

The Solution

MÉR developed the theme ‘One World. Four Points. A Single Destination.’—positioning Groupe Beneteau as a ‘one stop’ source, able to address the full continuum of recreational boat buyers. The company’s four brand ‘compass points’ provided the ideal backdrop to present the relative strengths of each, while promoting the parent group as a whole to be the ideal business partner for marine retailers.

Our team crafted the entire event from top to bottom; including:

  • Venue procurement & negotiations
  • Spend management & budget reporting
  • Conference content – presentation planning and flow including speech writing and presenter visuals
  • Complete site management for:
    • Meals
    • Signage
    • Product placement (in water and on land)
    • Guests’ rooming lists and VIP acknowledgements with a 2nd backup hotel for all overflow
    • Meals & schedules
  • Entertainment procurement and management

The meeting was an exceptional success, cited as one of the best in the industry that year, by both retailer attendees, and media representatives from across the industry. After careful and diligent expense management we were able to deliver an exquisite, on brand event under budget.

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