While Everyone Was Busy Canceling Events,

We Created a Solution.

These days, it seems every time you check your calendar, another business event is either canceled or postponed.

At MÉR International, we’ve planned and executed dozens of large-scale meetings and other brand-sponsored events for clients. So, it’s no surprise we were determined to find a way to reimagine these events while still observing today’s social responsibility guidelines.

We did.

A better way of bringing people together for online meetings and events.

Put simply, MÉR Connect allows you to host a professionally directed production online, with all the impact and effectiveness of a traditional, in-person event. Our professional control team manages all the audio and visual presentation elements seamlessly, ensuring everyone experiences the content as if they were on location at a traditional, speaker-based presentation. Plus, it allows real time interaction between the presenters and attendees, allowing for the exchange of questions, answers, and engaging discussion.

See For Yourself…


• Sales Meetings • New Product Introductions • Training Seminars • Award Ceremonies • Annual Meetings • Press Conferences

The possibilities are limitless…

Let’s Connect:

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