Recreational Boats


The Challenge

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is one of the world’s largest retail boat shows. Our client manufacturers 11 brands of power and sailboats—making the show a major point of contact for buyers of most of these. The company had a number of developments and product introductions they wanted to make sure the wide variety of major marine industry media outlets were well informed about. Given the sheer size of the show and volume of activity, competing for these editorial representatives’ time is a major challenge.

The Solution

Get to these editors first, and consolidate the media agendas of all 11 brands into one press event. Accomplishing this was purposely planned.

TIMING: Orchestrated a breakfast event, enabling us to treat the media partners to a catered breakfast (a nice touch at these events).

PACE: Followed this up with a brisk-paced overview from each brand with newsworthy content to share.

SETTING: Our team staged an intimate presentation setting with a small stage, presentation support, lighting and staging.

CONTENT: In 90 minutes, the industry’s most influential media outlets were fed, informed, and given access to top management from each brand.

RESULTS: Response was exceptionally positive, giving these key editors an informative, efficient use of their time, on a very busy show day.

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