High Dollar Consumer Goods – Boats & Yachts


The Challenge

Our client needs their consumer sales events to be two things: memorable and productive. Their annual Yacht Expo is a prime example of this. We were asked to produce a complete luxury lifestyle event for 500 attendees to feel welcomed and at home in a temporary venue, while providing the opportunity to truly experience the product. The attendees included current owners and prospective owners, most of whom had been qualified and considering a purchase.

The Solution

We developed a turnkey experience; bringing Luxury to Life. Hosting the event in a family-friendly destination venue gave us the flexibility to give guests a luxury experience that combined high style and exclusivity, keeping them engaged and focused on the product. This was achieved through a detailed plan of touch points and attention to customers’ needs and expectations. The very first time our guests were on property we embraced them and managed their experience with subtlety and purpose. MÉR handled all aspects of the event — from big picture product management and logistics to every minute detail. It is so much more than the “things we supplied,” it is all about how we supply them. The proper attention to events like this is what sets MÉR apart from other Experience Providers.

The event returned more than $41MM in sales over a 36-hour period.

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