International Product Launch – Miami International Boat Show

The Challenge

Our client had a new product to introduce at the Miami International Boat show. While this is the largest boat show in the world, it is not ideally set up for this kind of specialized product launch. The show is busy, crowded and has many competitor’s eye candy vying for patrons’ time and attention. With any product launch plan, communication plays an important role. Ensuring the audience gets all or at least most of the value-added detail surrounding the new product is paramount.

The Solution

Create a unique, climate-controlled ‘indoor’ event at an outdoor, on water venue. The static display was accomplished using modular docks which was then tented with curved projection screen ceiling, allowing a video mapped presentation and 360-degree viewing of the in-water product via a floating floor. This was all constructed around the subject floating and back-lit to help the product pop in the created environment. The fully choreographed sound and video presentation was looped and groups were regularly scheduled for entry into the presentation dome, complete with the ubiquitous red carpet and velvet rope. The result was a memorable ‘oasis’ from the heat where visitors could take their time to study the product and gain a real appreciation for the innovations aboard.

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