Design-A-Yacht Website Module

The Challenge

Our client needed everything about its brand to reflect a higher degree of expectation. Its website required a ‘Design a Yacht’ module, allowing prospective buyers to explore customization options including hull color, striping, upholstery, helm detail, interior cabinetry, and more. It also needed something unexpected that would aid the lead capture process and enhance the buying experience.

The Solution

We developed an online tool to allow website visitors to build a virtual boat. Using actual photography of each model and select options, this module allowed prospective clients to build their boat of choice, complete with the options and equipment they desired. The output was a PDF brochure using actual images of what the prospect’s boat would look like. Colors, equipment, engine styling and configurations were all detailed in a personalized, digital brochure. The real challenge was taking a relatively complex process and translating it into an open portal anyone can use. The complexity of the program detail aligned with scalability is where we set ourselves apart. The end result is an elite on line customer experience that is unmatched in its competitive set.

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