MÉR International has designed, created, built and managed exhibits and events at some of the largest shows in the world. Our expertise spans on-location work, plus all contract management, spend tracking and reporting, and the ongoing management of your show assets. We understand these events–while sporadic to your schedules–are a very important part of your business, and your biggest opportunities to secure a successful year. It’s something we take very seriously, and have serious results to show for.

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MÉR 360™

Exhibit management services
that don’t end when the show does.

Our 360-degree approach to managing your events is simple – all encompassing. When you leave to go back to the office and do what you do best, we stay and do what we do best. We continue our stewardship of your assets until they are needed again. Condition, storage, storage and inventory management are ongoing for us, so you don’t have to worry about it. That way you will never be caught off guard.

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