MÉR Companies Introduces MÉR Connect

MÉR Companies Introduces MÉR Connect, a Unique, Expanded Functionality Solution For Online Meetings.

KNOXVILLE, TN – Knoxville-based MÉR Companies is proud to introduce MÉR Connect; a unique approach to adding versatility and functionality to online meeting platforms, allowing them to be applied to much larger events. By integrating specialized audio-visual presentation technology, the system can allow users of any online meeting platform to vary their approach and use of these services to more closely resemble a live, traditional presentation.

MÉR Companies, which regularly produces annual meetings, press, and other branded events for its clients, sees the system as a powerful, timely solution to meeting limitations companies are currently faced with. The system incorporates various additional cameras allowing the user to include views of a speaker at a podium, any limited audience, remote presenters, and more.

MÉR’s, Managing Director, Paul Cherney, sees this as the ideal way to bridge the gap between traditional meetings and larger online gatherings. “Online meeting platforms are great for everyday use,” Cherney said. “But they fall short when it comes to events where more impact and a polished presentation is expected. This system fills in that void nicely by creating an in-person feel online meetings otherwise lack.”

MÉR Connect is, in essence, a directed production using a professional control team to manage the presentation elements, ensuring everyone experiences the content as if they were on location. Users can create a location to host the event anywhere they want. From that location, the MÉR Connect team coordinates every element—from inviting live audience members, setting up remote presenters and unlimited attendees from around the world if necessary. The system provides real time interaction, impromptu Q&A, and a level of distinction no standard online meeting format can equal.

MÉR Connect will be offered through MÉR’s events and meetings division, MÉR International. It is currently targeting companies who host larger, annual meetings, training seminars, award ceremonies, press conferences, and those needing a means to present new product rollouts.

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MÉR Companies is a full-spectrum Marketing and Business Advisory firm. Through its three divisions, MÉR Brand Solutions, MÉR International, and MÉR Graphics, it provides Brand Management, Business Advisory Services, Creative Services, Show and Event Production, and Production Support to various brands, often functioning as an extension of their marketing and other departments.

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